Pica- English version

Every saturday is pica time! We always make four different toppings such as ham and cheese for Teodor, ham, mashrooms, olives and egg for Gabrijel, Laslo doesnt complicate and tuna, olives. capers and egg for me.

Sometimes I make sourdough, but mostl I make wit yeast. But I found very good reciep with only 5 g of yeast for 800 g of flour. I make it one day in a vance and leave it in the fridge to rise the dough for 12 hours.

Then I take it out make 4 smal bread and leave it to rise again onlj for one hour. In the meanwhile I make toppings and fill it.

I make tomatoe sause by myself. I take can of tomatoes put different herbs inside somerimes even fresh and mix it together.

I turn on the oven for the max temperature for 30 minutes and after that put firts pica to bake. I bake the pica fo 6 minutes take it out and put some cheese and / or eggs and leave for 4 minutes yet to melt the cheese and bake the eggs.


  • 500 g white flour (Manitoba 00)
  • 300 g whole grain flour
  • 5 g yeast
  • 400 g water
  • 10 g salt
  • 1 dl olive oil


  • tomatoes with several herbs (origano, thymo, basil, kumin, garlic, sweet red paper)
  • tuna fish, olives, onion, cheese, mushroms, leak, corn, paper, egg,…

My family really love it!

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